Breached! : why data security law fails and how to improve it /

Solove, Daniel J., 1972-

Breached! : why data security law fails and how to improve it / by Daniel J. Solove & Woodrow Hartzog. - 243p; 24 cm

Includes index.

Introduction : chronicle of a breach foretold -- The data breach epidemic -- The failure of data security law -- The big picture : system and structure -- Responsibility across the whole data ecosystem -- Reducing harm from data breaches -- Reunifying privacy and data security -- Designing security for humans, the weakest link -- Conclusion : the holistic approach.

"Sometimes the thing we are looking for is right in front of us and yet we still don't see it. A great novella by Gabriel Garcia Marquez called Chronicle of a Death Foretold begins with the vicious fatal stabbing of the main character. The rest of the story reveals that all of the warning signs about the murder were in plain sight yet ignored by everyone. The murder was readily preventable - but, because of human nature, it was almost inevitable. The story of most data breaches follows the same pattern. We've read about thousands of data breaches, and the moral of most of these stories boil down to the same thing: The breaches were preventable, but people made blunders. What is quite remarkable about these stories is that they haven't evolved that much in decades. The same mistakes keep happening again and again"--



Data protection--Law and legislation.
Computer security--Law and legislation.
Computer networks--Security measures.

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